Giannella Ventura

Giannella Ventura is an interior designer which style is composed of classic, art deco, and contemporary elements.
She has collaborated with the most important and famous furniture companies.
She has created unique atmospheres for exclusive projects in Italy and worldwide.

Alberto Colzani

Alberto Colzani, the son of a carpenter, graduated in architecture in 1994. He lives and works in Meda, in the heart of the Italian furniture design district. Alberto boasts many collaborations with different designers and companies, in particular a ten-year experience with the arch. Paolo Deganello and with the company Baleri Italia. His work has always been aimed at turning the ideas of others into products. While working as a technical consultant, Alberto also pursues a personal study into the synthesis between construction technique and expressive style. This study has occasionally resulted in furniture products of his own.

Miriam Dominiguez Guerra

Gifted with an innate elegance, Miriam Dominguez Guerra is Spanish by birth but calls the world her home, owing to her job and her personal story. She is curious, and appreciates the eclectic. She reconciles improbable worlds, highlighting contrasts – elegance and functionality, present and past, modern and vintage, sobriety and luxury, all exist side-by-side in her work with an appealing simplicity.
She loves working on details, handling them with skill and seeding them throughout her work. Tireless and tenacious, decisive yet fragile, she possesses a heightened sensitivity that is expressed through the use of objects and materials that provide the real key to her work. Of herself she says, “I love my work”, and the results offer clear proof of this.

Edoardo Dente

Since many years now, Eduardo Dente has been designing commercial and residential interiors, set decorations, objects, furniture, carpets and wallpapers, just by following his intuition. Sometimes brand-oriented, as a collaborator to Mr. Martin Margiela, lately for his own pleasure (and his editor’s!), his work is best conceived as a challenge to perception, areflexion on ready-mades, within vectors of humour, irony and surprise. As God is in details, he follows the need to cover everything with his aesthetic, the expression
of his curiosity of a world more repetitive than it seems for so many. This paradox of imitation leads him to concrete his gestures: simplicity and strength, in an endless baroque machinery of combination of the available, to produce some novelties, without any prejudices whatsoever.

Debora Berto

Debora Berto was born into a family of craftsmen in Mariano Comense, on 24 March 1987.
Thanks to her determination, she soon graduated in architecture at the Politecnico di Milano. Despite her youth, she gained significant experience in the architectural field, working as an intern on product development alongside several architects. Subsequently, she was asked to design furniture products of her own. 
She warmly welcomed the new challenge, and embarked on what, for her, was a whole new adventure.

Carlo Rampazzi

Internationally renowned architect, with a curiosity, sophistication and aesthetic sense that makes his furnishings totally distinctive and instantly recognisable. There is no challenge too difficult for Rampazzi to turn down, as he pushes himself to the limits of functionality and dream, balance and extravagance sublimated in atmosphere that swings from romantic to decadent.
But he is also capable of going straight to the heart, like the spectacular Wunderkammer. Talent, daring, vision and a disciplined freedom have shapes his journey of discovery with collections fusing artisanal skills and values in limited edition pieces. One of the most influential designers of our times, Carlo Rampazzi is a refined presence, but also the ultimate dandy of the digital era.